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IP-addr — The unique identifier (address) of the device (usually the computer), connected to a local area network and (or) to the Internet.
IP-addr Represents 32-bit (under version IPv4) or 128-bit (under version IPv6) binary number.


In terminology of networks TCP/IP the bit pattern defining is named as a mask of a subnet or a network mask, what part of ip-address of a net point concerns the network address, and what — to the address of the site in this network. For example, the site with ip-address and a mask of a subnet is in a network


ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) — The network protocol of data link level intended for conversion of ip-addresses (network layer addresses) in MAC-addresses (the address of data link level) in networks TCP/IP.

At IP-address input, the mask depending on a network class is automatically substituted. After pressing button "Ок" (or to "Apply") it is possible to see at once operation of the Arp-report which checks, whether there is in a network a computer with such ip-address.
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